Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Denim Daze | Overall Dress & Novelty Bag Outfit

Denim Overall Dress Outfit

Overall Dress Outfit Idea

Summer 2016 Denim Trends

Pastel Goth Chokers

Unicorn Lapel Brooch

Pink Novelty Bag

Junk Food Socks with platform sandals

I've been away for too long. It's no secret to my readers that this blog has been pretty neglected over the past year. The last time I wrote here I announced that I would no longer be blogging regularly, but of course I changed my mind recently. I've been in a pretty big creative rut with my business and have been feeling unmotivated and uninspired. 

One way I have always been able to express myself creatively has been fashion. Getting dressed every day is like another chance to start over with a fresh canvas and make a new piece of art different from the last. So I decided since my outfits inspire me, I want to start sharing them with my readers again. 

I can't promise a consistent schedule as I am still running Fatally Feminine Designs full time, but I'm really excited to start blogging again. Don't be shy, pop in and check out my posts and feel free to leave a comment or suggest a topic. 

Now on to the outfit! I started shopping early for summer clothes this year and my first stop was to forever21. I love the selection and of course the prices. I saw a ton of denim on the racks, which seems to be a huge trend going into the Spring and Summer seasons. I am super excited about that because my most recent collection, named Magical Creature features some unicorn inspired embroidered patches and enamel pins. So anything denim is perfect to adorn with flair like that!

One of the denim pieces that instantly caught my eye was this adorable overall dress. I love anything that takes something rugged and adds a feminine silhouette or details. Plus this dress is perfect to layer and embellish with kawaii accessories. I love wearing outfits that are more simple, and then I can turn the volume up with cute jewelry, bags and shoes. 

This outfit is pretty simple but comfortable and cute. I paired the overall dress with a pink cropped tee, cute junk food socks, hologram platforms, a popcorn novelty purse and some accessories from my own collection including my favorite faux candy choker, magical creature unicorn enamel lapel pins, and 14k gold nameplate necklace. I topped it all off with my favorite 90s inspired accessory, a rainbow tattoo choker (like, duh). 

Hope you dolls like this outfit! I'll be posting more soon. Want to buy this look? Check out the details below:

Overall dress | Forever21 (sold out) similar
Cropped Tee | Forever21
Novelty Socks | H&M (last season)
Hologram Gladiator Platforms | eBay
Popcorn Novelty Bag | Betsey Johnson
Heart Sunglasses | Forever21
Unicorn Enamel Pins | Fatally Feminine Designs
Faux Candy Necklace | Fatally Feminine Designs
Tattoo Choker | eBay
Nameplate Necklace | my personal collection

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

End of Summer | Cats and 90s Vibes

Longgggg time, no post! So I don't have to tell you guys but it's been forever since I posted here. After the last post I did, things just completely took off with Fatally Feminine Designs. Now, most days I work more than 8 hours to finish my orders, manage social media, listing, photographing, customer service, supply sourcing, collaborations with other designers etc. I'm a one woman design machine! It can be tiring, but I can tell you that I have never been happier or felt more blessed in my entire life. It still blows me away that I was able to turn this dream into a reality and a full time job. Every day brings little surprises and challenges and I couldn't ask for more. (A couple of surprise examples: 1. my google+ profile says it's been viewed over 4,500,000 times. Umm what?! 2. A few weeks ago I noticed some new followers on instagram: one of my favorite artists, a cast member of MTV's Girl Code and a couple of previous project runway contestants.... !!insert shocked face!!)

So I decided I am a much better jewelry designer than blogger. I don't have the proper time to make this a real blog that has a schedule. I will just be posting here randomly. I think Macarons and Stilettos will now be my little outlet away from FFD. A place to rant, talk about personal stuff, and post my outfits. And hopefully a place to connect with my favorite blogging friends! I won't be taking any more sponsors, but if you'd like me to add your badge to the right hand column just let me know. The only other sponsors I'll be taking is if you'd like to dress me. I'll take clothes, shoes, and accessories (no jewelry please)! ;P

I wore this outfit on Sunday, one of my last outfits of the Summer and an homage to my inspiration for the newest FFD jewelry collection - the 90s! Hope you enjoyed this outfit, details below>>>

>> outfit details <<
denim crop top | forever 21
cat crop top | forever 21
skirt | forever 21
shoes | ebay
bag | michael kors
bag charm | sanrio
gummy bear choker | fatally feminine designs
birthday cake ring | fatally feminine designs

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Shared a photo of the giant pocky I found at my local Asian grocer! YUM

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you had a great week. Once again I failed to blog properly this week, but I guess being exceedingly busy is not always a bad thing and a lot of exciting things are happening for me currently. So I hope to blog more about that soon! I spent most of my week making things and filling orders, which was rewarding but left no time for blogging! :( My posts on Instagram were a little scarce this week too, but here are my favorite highlights from Instagram last week anyway.

Found out my Boba Tea Necklaces were featured on last week! :)

Listed my Macaron Earrings in a rainbow of pretty colors this week.

Finally got to announce the winner of my 2k giveaway. I was surprised I got over 60 entries!

How is your weekend going? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What I Wore: Flower Inspired Spring Outfit

Happy Tuesday everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm so ready for Spring weather. Winter has been nice, but I'm ready for a change and to be able to wear some Spring outfits. So I know I said last week's outfit was one of my favorites, but I have to admit I really love this week's too. This week, I'm teaming up with to put together a Spring outfit inspired by my favorite flower: the rose. 

I took the inspiration pretty literally, choosing this floral print as the focal piece since I am a floral print fanatic. The fact that floral print is a continual Spring trend just gives me more of an excuse to wear it! I also used the inspiration of the beautiful colors of the flower itself: soft and bright pinks and vibrant reds which can be seen in my handbag, shoes, earrings and makeup.

Hope you like this outfit! Are you ready for Spring and warmer weather? Let me know in the comments below!

outfit details
dress | forever21
shoes | amazon
tights | old
handbag | candy bag by furla
bag charm | michael kors
ring | handmade by me
earrings | handmade by me

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Shared my feature on this week. So thankful and excited to be chosen!

Happy Sunday everyone! Where did half of my weekend go? I seriously feel like I was just sitting here talking about what your plans were for the weekend, and then now it's halfway over. haha, don't you just love that? Anyway here is my little roundup of what I posted in Instagram this week (and what my life basically consisted of this week :D). How is your weekend going? Anything interesting happening? Let me know in the comments below!

Finally debuted my first piece in my holographic jewelry collection and absolutely love how this unicorn turned out!

Tropical Pocky?! Um, yes please. Thanks goes to my amazing boyfriend for this Valentine's Day gift.

Shared my fav new barbie-style Alice in Wonderland earrings, handmade by me.

Having a 2k giveaway on my instagram! Link at end of post if you want to enter! :D

Shared my newest outfit, actually this is one of my favorite outfits ever.

This macaron bracelet, made by me, was this week's winner for most liked. Thanks everyone!! :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

What I Wore: Skulls Hearts and Unicorns

Skull Sweater Leather Skirt Outfit
Happy Friday everyone! Whew, I don't know about you but this week completely exhausted me! I had a crazy busy week with FFD and I really don't see it slowing down any time soon. This is a completely amazing and good thing but still exhausting. I have a collab with another really great artist/designer coming up soon that I am so excited about. I can't share details yet because I'm really not sure of all the details myself but one thing I do know is that it will be awesome! When she asked me if I would collab with her awhile back, I was so humbled and thrilled because she is someone I admire and respect so much. Wow. 

Anyway, here is an outfit I wore last week. One of my last winter outfits since the weather is starting to warm up here, and I just love it! I paired this fun skull print oversized sweater, with a leather pleated skirt, bright purple tights, and high-heeled loafers. I accessorized with my fav heart shaped bag complete with star and Michael Kors fur bag charm. Plus I had to top if off with some pieces I designed for Fatally Feminine Designs, including a Holographic Unicorn Necklace and Birthday Cake Ring

Kawaii Outfit and Heart Bag Unicorn Necklace Cake Ring

outfit details
sweater | macy's
skirt | nordstrom
tights | macy's
bag | ebay
bag charms | michael kors/handmade by me
shoes | vince camuto
holographic unicorn necklace | fatally feminine designs
birthday cake ring | fatally feminine designs

Hope you like this look. What are your plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Showing off my productivity with a 1/3 complete wholesale order!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you had an amazing week and an even better Valentine's Day. Mine was really great, I probably had one of the best meals in my life. I think I'm still full, haha. And thank you to everyone who entered my Target Gift Card Giveaway. I can't wait to announce the winner on Tuesday, so stay tuned. I also had a really awesome week and was busier than I have been since cyber monday making and shipping out orders! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little recap of my week on Instagram. How is your week going? Let me know in the comments below!

Super proud to have the lovely Andrea of Andy Sparkles wearing my Drink Me necklace on her blog last week.

Packing up the wholesale order.

Works in progress and soon to be listed items for Fatally Feminine Designs

I made HEART SURPRISE CUPCAKES. Don't they look amazing? Yes, I'm shocked I actually made these.

Had to share my pastel gummy bears necklace since Spring is coming!

And the BEST thing that happened to me all week, maybe my entire life was that one time that Doe Deere posted my gummy bears necklace! All I can say is I love that girl. My inspiration and one of the major reasons I decided to follow my crazy dreams.

Even though Valentine's is over, would you guys still be interested in instructions or a tutorial for the heart surprise cupcakes?

Don't forget, I'm still looking for sponsors for February. If you would like to sponsor my blog click here.

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