Friday, September 21, 2012

Bento Box #5: Chicken Kijiyaki + Pickled Cucumber Salad

Chicken Kijiyaki Bento Box Lunch

This week has once again been hectic and stressful, but I still managed to make my bento box. Which I am so happy about! Yesterday was a really rough day for me, you know those days when everything that can go wrong does? That was my day, but having this bento to look forward to for dinner really made my day a little better. :)

Chicken Kijiyaki Bento Box Lunch

This week I made chicken kijiyaki, quick pickled cucumber salad, steamed sweet potato, white rice, and apple slices. Chicken Kijiyaki is another Japanese dish that I have never eaten or made before. And I am really loving exploring Japanese food through bento box making. It has been so much fun learning to make new recipes and discovering dishes I love. I am *so* happy I decided to make this chicken this week. It was delicious, hands-down the best chicken I have ever tasted. It even tops any fried chicken I have ever had, no kidding.

Cupcake to go Container Bento Box

If you want to make chicken like this it is pretty simple, you just need a boneless chicken thigh with skin on. You cook it in a dry frying pan, searing skin on one side to make it crispy, turning on the other to finish cooking, then remove from the pan. Wipe the pan clean with a paper towel. Add about a tablespoon each of mirin and soy sauce and a teaspoon of sugar to the pan. Once the sauce boils, put the chicken back in to coat with the sauce, Remove from the pan, sprinkle with crushed red pepper and freshly cracked black pepper, slice and enjoy! Traditionally, you would top this with a special Japanese pepper, but I didn't have it so I substituted for black pepper and crushed red.

I also had no room in my bento box for my apples, so I put them in this cute container made for carrying a cupcake. I think it works, what do you think? :)

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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  1. Your cupcake container is way cuter for transporting apple slices than what I use... which is a ziploc bag. Hehe. =) Love it!


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