Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Showing off my productivity with a 1/3 complete wholesale order!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you had an amazing week and an even better Valentine's Day. Mine was really great, I probably had one of the best meals in my life. I think I'm still full, haha. And thank you to everyone who entered my Target Gift Card Giveaway. I can't wait to announce the winner on Tuesday, so stay tuned. I also had a really awesome week and was busier than I have been since cyber monday making and shipping out orders! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little recap of my week on Instagram. How is your week going? Let me know in the comments below!

Super proud to have the lovely Andrea of Andy Sparkles wearing my Drink Me necklace on her blog last week.

Packing up the wholesale order.

Works in progress and soon to be listed items for Fatally Feminine Designs

I made HEART SURPRISE CUPCAKES. Don't they look amazing? Yes, I'm shocked I actually made these.

Had to share my pastel gummy bears necklace since Spring is coming!

And the BEST thing that happened to me all week, maybe my entire life was that one time that Doe Deere posted my gummy bears necklace! All I can say is I love that girl. My inspiration and one of the major reasons I decided to follow my crazy dreams.

Even though Valentine's is over, would you guys still be interested in instructions or a tutorial for the heart surprise cupcakes?

Don't forget, I'm still looking for sponsors for February. If you would like to sponsor my blog click here.


  1. Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ... I'd love to follow you (bloglovin + GFC) and welcome to visit my blog about fashion .
    I fall in love with your jewelerry! I wont them! :-*

    Katherine Unique

  2. Gahhhhhhhh!!! Doe Deere instagrammed your necklace! O_O

    So jealous! lol
    But seriously! I am in love with all your creations. Saving up my moolah so I can snag one for myself! I'm so inspired by all your hard work! Keep it up!
    And I forgot to reply on instagram, but YES! We should definitely become pen pals!

    xoxox Anie


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