Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Shared a photo of the giant pocky I found at my local Asian grocer! YUM

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you had a great week. Once again I failed to blog properly this week, but I guess being exceedingly busy is not always a bad thing and a lot of exciting things are happening for me currently. So I hope to blog more about that soon! I spent most of my week making things and filling orders, which was rewarding but left no time for blogging! :( My posts on Instagram were a little scarce this week too, but here are my favorite highlights from Instagram last week anyway.

Found out my Boba Tea Necklaces were featured on last week! :)

Listed my Macaron Earrings in a rainbow of pretty colors this week.

Finally got to announce the winner of my 2k giveaway. I was surprised I got over 60 entries!

How is your weekend going? Let me know in the comments below! :)

1 comment:

  1. I wish I would have entered!!
    I love the jewlery. c:
    Mmmmm, pocky. <3



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